Running a business is hard, but nothing is harder than running a failing business.

Economists predict that over 1 million small businesses will shut down for good this year. Some will go bankrupt, and some will simply close their doors. People’s lives will be hurt and some will be destroyed…

I ran a business that accomplished great things due to the tremendous work of a huge number of people. It was acquired and then ran into financial trouble. When a business like that fails, a lot of people get hurt. I had a difficult time separating my personal identity from…

I discovered another short story written by my late father. You can read the earlier “Salvation” here. Here for your enjoyment is “Capital Gains.”

Instinct. Told him. Too good to be true. He ignored it.

“It’s Ben.” On the telephone.

He hadn’t heard that voice for what was it? How…

I discovered this short story written by my late father. Here it is.

It had been a nauseating morning. And then it got worse.

His Dad died six months earlier to the day; nothing was going right. The radio said how Williams might have been batting .450, but lost yesterday’s…

The Anthropic Principle Applied to Co-Habitation

The marriage/co-habitation-anthropic principle is a philosophical consideration that disturbances to the fabric of co-habitation must be compatible with the conscious and sapient lives that experience it. (from the Greek “anthropos”, or human). It is not just human nature to fight with our co-habitants. It is a necessary condition of co-habitation.

This is a paradox written by the poet, publisher, filmmaker and gender-transient logician Daniel Stedman. His own brothers Scott and Michael were said to have died of exhaustion attempting to resolve it.

I think often about my grandparents, who are sadly no longer living. I miss them a lot. So, I decided to make a new one. I created a new Grandma.

It’s my Aunt Dot. We’ve always been close with Aunt Dot — she’s my grandmother’s sister. I think that technically…

Daniel Stedman

Co-founder @brooklynmag @TasteTalks @NorthsideFest (acquired) Student journalism advocate. Boxing record 1-0.

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